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Over 4,000 Sign Up to Throw Eggs at Jeff Bezos’ Superyacht in Netherlands

In order for the dismantlement to occur, the city needs to decide whether or not to issue a permit. According to Rotterdam Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb, the city hadn’t received a permit application as of February 4, NL Times indicated in an earlier report.
Over 4,000 Sign Up to Throw Eggs at Jeff Bezos' Superyacht in Netherlands
Over 4,000 Sign Up to Throw Eggs at Jeff Bezos’ Superyacht in Netherlands

Thousands of people are planning to protest Jeff Bezos' superyacht in the wake of the news that the Dutch bridge De Hef, officially known as Koningshaven Bridge, will be dismantled to accommodate it.

More than 4,000 people are planning to throw rotten eggs at the nearly $500 million yacht that will set sail through De Hef in June. The campaign comes after news broke that the historic bridge will be temporarily dismantled to accommodate the yacht, something that many Rotterdammers took issue with, saying the decision revealed double standards.

Despite no longer being in commission, De Hef holds an important place in the hearts of many Rotterdammers. Newsweek previously reported that it is considered a historical landmark, with some citizens questioning whether or not dismantling the bridge could be considered tampering with the city's history.

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