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‘World’s Largest Potato’ to Undergo DNA Testing to Prove It’s Real

In testing the potato, officials will be able to ensure it wasn’t genetically modified—and that it is, indeed, a potato. However, as Colin Craig-Brown explained, per The Sunday Times, the organization’s apparent lack of trust has resulted in frustration for the couple.
A New Zealand couple grew what is likely the world’s heaviest potato—but they will need to send a sample of the spud for DNA testing in order to verify the record. The potato, nicknamed “Dug,” allegedly weighs around 17 pounds. BRANEX/ISTOCK / GETTY IMAGES PLUS


Late last year, a New Zealand couple revealed that they had grown what is possibly the world's largest potato. Now, in order to claim the title, officials are requesting that the potato undergo DNA testing to confirm its authenticity.

As several media outlets reported in November 2021, Colin and Donna Craig-Brown of Wellington, New Zealand were weeding their garden when they found a large, unusual object just under the soil.

At first, the pair was unsure of what they had found—but after Colin bravely tasted the mass, he realized it was none other than a giant potato.

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