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Syrian Refugee Reportedly Suspect in France Stabbing Attack in Which 4 Toddlers Injured

An adult was also injured and is reportedly in critical condition, as are two of the four children.

At least four toddlers were stabbed Thursday morning in a park in southeast France, the country's interior minister says, and the suspect is reportedly a Syrian refugee who is now in police custody.

Police were able to overpower and arrest the attacker, Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin said, according to the BBC.

An adult was also injured and is in critical condition, as are two of the four children, according to multiple French media reports citing police sources.

The suspect reportedly had identity papers stating that he had refugee status in Sweden and was a Syrian national.

The attack happened around 9:45 a.m. as children around the age of three were in a park near Lake Annecy. Some of the children were in strollers when they were attacked, per the British outlet. As he fled the scene, he stabbed a nearby elderly man and police stopped the perpetrator by shooting him in the legs.

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