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Ukrainian Grain Tycoon Oleksiy Vadatursky and His Wife Killed in Russian Missile Strike

Oleksiy Vadatursky. nypost.com
Oleksiy Vadatursky. nypost.com

Oleksiy Vadatursky, a grain tycoon ranked by Forbes as Ukraine’s 24th-richest man, has been killed, along with his wife, in a Russian missile strike on the city of Mykolaiv.

According to Ukrainian authorities, 74-year-old Oleksiy Vadatursky, a grain tycoon, was killed, along with his wife Raisa, in the early hours of Sunday, July 31, in a missile strike on the city of Mykolaiv. Forbes ranked the agricultural magnate as the country’s 24th richest man, with an estimated wealth of $430 million (€420.9m).

A Russian missile reportedly hit their home overnight, killing them both. Vadatursky was the owner of the Nibulon group, a company involved in exporting wheat, barley, and corn. It is the only agricultural company in Ukraine with its own fleet and shipyard.

If local reports are correct, it is believed that only two people died as a result of the missile strike, a direct hit onVadatursky’s home. Should this be the case then it hints at what could have been a targeted attack on the grain magnate.

The grain tycoon had previously received the ‘Hero of Ukraine’ award in 2007 from Ukraine’s then-president Viktor Yushchenko, the highest honour that any citizen can be given in the country.

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