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Anti-Zionist Gabriel Boric’s Presidential Win Leaves Chile’s Jews Worried

Gabriel Boric called Israel a “murderous state” in a meeting with Chile’s Jewish community during his campaign.
Anti-Zionist Gabriel Boric's presidential win leaves Chile's Jews worried
Supporters of Chilean presidential candidate Gabriel Boric celebrate after their candidate won the presidential election, in Santiago, Chile, December 19, 2021. (photo credit: REUTERS/IVAN ALVARADO)

From: Jerusalem Post

Leftist Gabriel Boric won Chile’s presidential runoff election on Sunday, defeating far-right rival Jose Antonio Kast, who conceded defeat.

35-year-old Boric’s victory represents a major revival for Chile’s progressive left that has been on the rise since widespread protests roiled the Andean country two years ago.

However, the election results are viewed negatively by Chile’s Jewish community due to Boric’s outspoken anti-Zionist stance.

In 2019, Chile’s Jewish community sent Boric a jar of honey for Rosh Hashana, to which Boric responded on Twitter with “I appreciate the gesture, but they could have asked Israel to return illegally occupied Palestinian territory.”

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