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American woman’s website names & shames Saudi deadbeat fathers

Never underestimate the actions of a heartbroken woman. After an Ohio-based woman had the experience of having her baby’s father, a Saudi citizen, flee the U.S. upon learning about his girlfriend’s pregnancy, she launched a website so that other women would not have to suffer the same fate. Jennifer Crystal founded SaudiChildrenLeftBehind.com, a place where women who view themselves as victims of Saudi lovers can ‘name and shame’ them, chronicling their stories, often with photographs and even screenshots of text conversations with the accused deadbeat fathers. The site, which has garnered over 1.5 million views since 2011, shines a light onto the trend of Saudi men fathering babies outside the Kingdom, then fleeing, abandoning mother and child to avoid any responsibility. Dozens of women have come forth sharing similar experiences with Saudi men, many of whom were studying in the U.S. One woman, Yasmine, writes about having met a Saudi national named Moayed, while they were both students in a nursing program in Oregon. After she revealed to him that she was pregnant, he tells her to “have a nice life” and sends her $400. “It’s a shame. My son is beautiful and smart, and his own father does not want to accept his existence,” Yasmine wrote. The website has expanded and now includes a section for Qatari and Kuwaiti children left behind. Another woman whose love interest fled the country right after their baby was born, posted a side-by-side photograph of the accused father and their child, saying, “I don’t care anymore about a guy who lies saying that he loves me when he’s unable to love his own blood.” She also posted multiple screenshots of text conversations she had with the man in which he tells her not to bother him. saudichildren These stories underscore the incidents where Saudi and other Middle Eastern men travel to the West to study or just have fun and get involved in romantic relationships. In October, a lawsuit was brought against a Saudi prince visiting Beverly Hills by three female staffers accusing the man of lewd behavior, ranging from sexual acts to threatening their lives. Prince Majed bin Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, from one of the largest Saudi royal families, was among a large influx of Saudis, Qataris and Kuwaitis traveling to Beverly Hills, particularly during the summer, renting multi-million dollar mansions, driving rare and exotic cars and often, coming under the radar of law enforcement with excessive drinking, drugs and reckless behavior.
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