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Facebook declines to remove ISIS page -UPDATED

Facebook declined a request to remove an ISIS-affiliated page in English, replying that the page "does not violate" their "Community Standards." The Foreign Desk alerted Facebook to the Khalifah News page, which describes itself as an outlet that posts "official material published by the Islamic State" including news, videos, statements, image sets and audio statements all in English. Pro ISIS social media accounts have taken to social media in the past day using the hashtag #KhilafahNews to announce a new Facebook page containing the terror group’s latest news and video content in the English language. The announcement of the page follows a move by Telegram Messenger that shut down 78 ISIS linked channels last week. Twitter has also aggressively gone after ISIS shutting down thousands of accounts linked to Jihadi groups. Facebook’s standard procedure for reporting a page involves users visiting the page, selecting the cover photo and flagging the photo to report the offensive page. See Facebook's response below: UPDATE: Upon a follow up email from The Foreign Desk to Facebook, the page was taken down, and the following response was given: “Thanks for flagging this for us. This Page should have been removed when you initially reported it to us because it does violate our standards. It has now been removed.”
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