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Iran moves to convert confiscated church grounds into mosque

The Iranian regime is proving its intolerance towards Christians in the Islamic nation once again in an inequitable move to convert grounds illegally confiscated from Assyrian Christian church into a mosque. The property, belonging to Iran’s Assyrian community’s Chaldean Catholic Church in the capital city of Tehran's Patrice Lumumba Street, was illegally confiscated two years ago when church leaders were told that an Islamic prayer hall would be built there. The Assyrian representative at the Islamic Assembly in Iran has protested the takeover, against the backdrop of increased crackdowns on this minority Christian group. Government authorities are refusing to return the property. Under Iran’s rogue theocratic government, traditionally, native Christians belonging to the Assyrian and Armenian Churches have enjoyed more freedoms than those targeted for converting to Christianity and away from Islam. More recently, minorities of all kinds, including Assyrians, Bahais and even Sunni Muslims have been the target of tactical discrimination.
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