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10 ISIS obsessions you didn’t know about…

1. They Love Apps/Social Media isis_social_blur

Social media account
Calling foreign Tweeters and Facebook users out on their “haram” lifestyles and spreading ISIS propaganda, members of the Jihadi group have a strong online presence with thousands of social media accounts on mainstream platforms and not-so-mainstream. They also like to post a lot and very frequently.

2. Pastries & Chocolate

A Telegram account
Able to take a break from beheadings and spreading of the Caliphate, ISIS jihadis still like to indulge in the sweets life has to offer.

3. Suckers for Scenic Sunrises & Sunsets in the Caliphate sunsettahab

A Twitter account 
As ghastly as a war zone might be, ISIS members like to brag about their beautiful, scenic elements. #RoomWithAView

4. Outdoor Adventures

A Twitter account 
Green parks, scooter shops and fishing trips, oh my. ISIS tries to balance the ugly with some 'fun.'

5. The Caliphwood- ISIS motion pictures

A wordpress blog
Infographics and Hollywood-like edited videos, Photoshop, animation and daily photos portray ISIS propaganda and lifestyle.

6. Foreign Weapons


Screengrab - ISIS video
Some collect coins. Others collect stamps. ISIS jihadis collect enemy weapons. And they brag about it.

7. Indoctrinating Children

A Twitter account
Young girls casually rocking AK-47s in the air, ISIS flags and weapons in classrooms.

8. Cats

A Telegram account
A jihadi's best friend? Kittens strapped with grenades are the pride and joy of some ISIS members.

9. American Cars

via Reuters
From the Texas plumbing company’s Ford truck to military Humvees, ISIS loves their American-made muscle. Even their Toyotas!

10. U.S. Dollars

A Telegram account
“It’s all about the Benjamins” and other stacks of foreign currencies for ISIS.
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