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Israeli Start Up Delivering Essential Goods Via Drones During COVID-19

Flytrex Drones Delivering Goods

Israeli startup Flytrex launched a delivery service of food and essential goods via drones for residents in North Dakota in response to the coronavirus pandemic.  

These drones can deliver food, medicine, and other necessary items in place of in-person shopping with the intention of preventing store overcrowding and maintaining social distancing guidelines. 

With Flytrex, select customers can order supplies from a local Walmart on its online ordering app. The items are then loaded in the drone’s delivery box and follows a preestablished route right to the customer’s backyard.  

Once notified of the drone’s arrival from the app’s tracking feature, the customer approves package release where the items are lowed to the ground by a wire.  

The drones come in different sizes, with 6 ½ pounds being the maximum weight of supplies the drones can hold. They travel at 32 mph at an altitude of 230 feet for a distance of up to 3.5 miles and back.  

Flytrex has partnered with EASE Drones, the Grand Forks Region Economic Development Corporation and the City of Grand Forks to deliver supplies.  

Flytrex will be in full compliance with U.S. Federal Aviation Authority regulations and meet the highest safety standards for drone delivery system. 

CEO and Co-founder Yariv Bash who founded the company in 2013 in Israel said he intends to expand his venture capital-backed company's services across the state and the entire country “as quickly as possible.” 

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