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U.N. Report Says Taliban Have Killed Scores of Former Afghan Officials, Others

Guterres recommended the council approve a restructuring of the U.N. mission to deal with the situation, including the creation of a new human rights monitoring unit.
U.N. report says Taliban have killed scores of former Afghan officials, others
Afghans walk past a Humvee with a Taliban fighter on it guarding the road in Kabul, Afghanistan, January 27, 2022. REUTERS/Ali Khara


A U.N. report seen by Reuters says the Taliban and its allies are believed to have killed scores of former Afghan officials, security force members and people who worked with the international military contingent since the U.S.-led pullout.

U.N. Secretary General Antonio Guterres’ report to the U.N. Security Council paints a picture of worsening living conditions for Afghanistan’s 39 million people despite an end of combat with the Taliban’s takeover in August.

“An entire complex social and economic system is shutting down,” Guterres said.

The report sounds the latest in a series of warnings the U.N. chief has issued in recent months about the humanitarian and economic crises that accelerated after the Taliban seized Kabul as the last U.S.-led foreign troops left and international donors cut critical financial aid.

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