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U.S. Military Links Prolific Hacking Group to Iranian Intelligence

The group has also tried to breach organizations in North America, but there is less publicly available information on those hacks.
US military links prolific hacking group to Iranian intelligence
US military links prolific hacking group to Iranian intelligence


The US military’s Cyber Command on Wednesday detailed multiple hacking tools that officials say Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security has used against computer networks “around the world.”

It’s the first time, according to a command spokesperson, that the US government has explicitly connected Iran’s intelligence ministry with a prolific espionage group known as MuddyWater that has in recent years tried to siphon data from telecom firms and other organizations across the Middle East.

It’s part of a regular effort by Cyber Command and other US agencies to highlight hacking tools allegedly used by foreign intelligence services from Russia, China, Iran and North Korea to blunt the effects of their spying operations.

Cyber Command published several samples of malicious code allegedly used by the Iranian hackers, to help organizations in the US and elsewhere defend themselves from future intrusion attempts. A Cyber Command spokesperson declined to comment on whether the malware had been used against US organizations recently.

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