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Iranian Hacker Group Targets Israelis in ‘Log4j’ Exploit Attack

Iranian Hacker Group Targets Israelis in ‘Log4j’ Exploit Attack

From: JPost

There have been more than 1,800,000 attempts to exploit the “Log4j” vulnerability since Friday, according to cybersecurity provider Check Point. Most recently, the vulnerability has been used against seven targets in Israel within the government and business sector by Iranian hacking group “Charming Kitten” or APT 35.

The exploit – a coding bug borne out of the open-source software logging system known as Log4j – is among the most widely-used and popular in the world. Attacks add a string of data into a log in order to infiltrate or damage a program or software, and they have grown in prevalence. The security flaw poses a “severe risk” to the Internet, according to the director of the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency Jen Easterly.

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