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The Foreign Desk Celebrates the Right to Christmas in Annual #MyTreedom Campaign

The Foreign Desk is holding its sixth annual #MyTreedom campaign in an effort to honor Christians who are defiantly practicing Christmas traditions in countries where they are often persecuted for their faith.

The #MyTreedom campaign celebrates “freedom from persecution and the right to Christmas everywhere around the world.”

The Foreign Desk invites followers to submit photos of their Christmas celebrations, trees, and decorations from wherever they are in the world to media@foreigndesknews.com or post a photo and use the tag #MyTreedom.

For safety purposes, faces of participants will be blurred, and names will not be included.

In previous years, the #MyTreedom campaign received photos from places like Syria, Pakistan, Iraq, Somalia, and Iran, representing the brave individuals who continue to celebrate Christmas despite threats to their safety.

“260 million Christians live in places where they experience high levels of persecution…that’s 1 in 8 believers, worldwide,” according to Open Doors’ 2020 World Watch List (WWL) report.

Christian persecution is not sequestered to one country or region, with the WWL reporting high levels of persecution in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Russia, Columbia, and North Korea.

This year, 2,983 Christians were killed due to their faith, and 3,711 Christians were detained, arrested, sentenced, and imprisoned without trial, according to the report.

The #MyTreedom campaign aims to bring awareness to the prevalence of global Christian persecution and to give a voice to those who continue to courageously celebrate their faith amidst perilous circumstances.

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