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Beijing Olympic Committee Lowers COVID Testing Threshold Ahead of Games

The Beijing Winter Olympics kick off on Feb. 4.
Beijing Olympic Committee lowers COVID testing threshold ahead of Games
A security guard in an area that will host the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics at Olympic Park. Photo: Andrea Verdelli/Getty Images


Beijing Olympics organizers and Chinese authorities have lowered the threshold for producing a negative COVID-19 test for participants arriving to participate in the Winter Games, CBC reported on Sunday.

Catch up quick: Organizers for the Beijing Games had instituted testing standards tougher than those used by many sports leagues in the U.S. and Europe, per the Wall Street Journal.

  • The disparity prompted concerns that athletes could test negative in their home countries after recently recovering from COVID-19, but still test positive upon their arrival in China, per the Journal.

The big picture: Cycle thresholds (Ct) indicate how much magnification is needed to detect COVID-19, so higher Ct values correspond with less infectiousness.

  • The NBA and NHL use a Ct of 30, while the NFL has a Ct of 35, per CBC.
  • Beijing Olympics organizers and Chinese authorities have now lowered their threshold for participants from 40 to 35, making it easier for athletes to test negative, per CBC.

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