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Biden Accepts Putin Request for Phone Call Ahead of Talks on Ukraine

A senior administration official said they could not speak specifically to why Putin had requested the phone call, but noted that Biden is always prepared to speak directly with his counterparts at times of heightened tensions.
Biden accepts Putin request for phone call ahead of talks on Ukraine
Photo: Peter Klaunzer-Pool/Keystone via Getty Images


President Biden will speak with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday afternoon, ahead of a series of diplomatic talks in January over Russia’s military buildup on its border with Ukraine.

Why it matters: The call — which was requested by Putin, according to a senior Biden administration official — will mark the second time the two leaders have spoken this month.

  • With more than 100,000 troops massing on the border with Ukraine, U.S. officials have warned that Russia could launch a large-scale invasion as soon as next month.
  • Putin has laid out a series of maximalist demands for scaling back U.S. and NATO activity in Europe, warning that the alliance’s expansion and cooperation with Ukraine is threatening Russia’s security.

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