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Teachers Unions Across Country Cite COVID Surge to Demand Halt to In-Person Learning

Teachers unions in states like Connecticut, Massachusetts and Illinois have pushed for a return to remote learning
Teachers unions across country cite COVID surge to demand halt to in-person learning
Supporters of the Chicago Teachers Union participate in a car caravan, as negotiations with Chicago Public Schools continue over a coronavirus disease (COVID-19) safety plan agreement in Chicago, Illinois, U.S., Jan. 30, 2021. (Reuters/Eileen T. Meslar)

Fox News

Teachers unions in multiple states are pushing for a return to remote learning due to a surge in coronavirus cases, setting the stage for further conflict between educators, politicians and parents.

In a statement Sunday, the Connecticut Education Association (CEA) called for a pause on in-person learning until mid-January. 

“Many students and teachers … are expected to return to the classroom tomorrow, before the surge from the holiday break is over and the situation can be reevaluated, and just as the state marks one of the grimmest milestones in this pandemic: more than 6,000 lives lost,” CEA President Jeff Leake said. 

“With at least 162 Connecticut towns identified as coronavirus red zones, it’s time for all public school superintendents to follow the lead of their colleagues who have paused in-person learning until mid-January.”

The American Federation of Teachers (AFT) in Massachusetts recently argued that teachers would not be returning to safe environments.

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