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As Feb. 16 Passes By, Biden Administration Pressed on Russian Invasion Intel

While concerns are growing that Putin is getting closer to ordering an invasion of Ukraine, U.S. officials say they still believe the path to a diplomatic solution is open, despite weeks of engagement ending with no breakthroughs.
© Russian Defense Ministry Press Service via Associated Press
© Russian Defense Ministry Press Service via Associated Press

Reporters on Wednesday pressed the Biden administration on intelligence suggesting that Russia was eyeing Wednesday to attack Ukraine as the day drew to a close in Kyiv without any signs of an incursion.

Recent reports pointed to Feb. 16 as the day Russian forces would likely launch an incursion into Ukraine, but instead the tense military and geopolitical standoff continued. 

NBC News’s Kristen Welker asked White House press secretary Jen Psaki about the intelligence at Wednesday’s briefing.

“What do you make of the fact that at this point — it is now darkness in that region — there hasn't been a military invasion?” Welker asked. 

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