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U.S. Sending Secretly Acquired Soviet Air Defense Equipment to Ukraine: Report

The U.S. is sending Ukraine some Soviet-made air defense equipment that Washington took charge of decades ago through a secret program, The Wall Street Journal reported on Monday. 

The systems, to include the SA-8 short-range surface-to-air missile system, were obtained by the U.S. for the purposes of examining Russian military technology and helping train American troops, U.S. officials told the outlet

The weapons are useful to Ukrainian forces, as their military already knows how to use Soviet systems.

Both the National Security Council and Pentagon declined to comment on what specific weapons the U.S. has sent to Ukraine to help the country beat back a violent Russian invasion that began Feb. 24. 

“Operational security matters to the Ukrainians, right now,” press secretary John Kirby told reporters Monday.

“They're fighting for their country, and the Pentagon is not going to be detailing publicly the tools with  which they are doing that,” he added.  

The Biden administration has approved more than $1 billion in military aid to Ukraine in the past month, including an $800 million package announced last week. 

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