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Biden, Allies Launch Sanctions Against Russia

Biden called the moves the first set of significant measures taken in response to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s decision a day earlier to recognize as independent, and aid militarily, breakaway regions in southeastern Ukraine.
Russian President Vladimir Putin and President Biden
Russian President Vladimir Putin and President Biden

President Biden
‘s strategy to confront Russian aggression against Ukraine is being put to the test.

Biden on Tuesday put into motion coordinated sanctions that were developed over months of intensive diplomacy among allies and aimed at imposing punishing consequences on Moscow. 

The president also announced that he would send additional U.S. troops to Germany, Poland and Romania, where at least 6,000 American forces have been deployed in recent weeks to bolster the eastern flank members of NATO.

The administration has said its allies and partners are resolved to work in lockstep even amid concerns that disparate countries would pull punches on a sanctions package over the hit it could impose on their own economies, including in the U.S., based on differing interests, ties and reliance on Russian energy and investment. 

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