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France Would Consider Sending Troops to Ukraine if Russia Breaks Through Front Lines, Macron Says

“I’m not ruling anything out, because we are facing someone who is not ruling anything out,” Macron said.

French President Emanuel Macron on Thursday said that he would not rule out sending French troops to Ukraine if Russia breaks through the front lines and Kyiv asks France for assistance.

He also said during an interview with The Economist that if Russia escalates its actions in Ukraine, all European leaders would need to think about whether they would send troops, according to The Kyiv Post.

"If Russia decided to go further, we will, in any case, all have to ask ourselves this question" of whether to send troops, he said.

"I'm not ruling anything out, because we are facing someone who is not ruling anything out," Macron said, referring to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

In February, two years since Russia's invasion of Ukraine, Macron made similar remarks about potentially deploying European forces to fight in Eastern Europe.

Macron said his refusal to rule out such deployments serves as a "strategic wake-up call" for his counterparts.

"I have a clear strategic objective: Russia cannot win in Ukraine," Macron also said. "If Russia wins in Ukraine, there will be no security in Europe."

His concerns come as Russia is reportedly intensifying its offensive operations, per CriticalThreats.org.

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