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NATO Rules Out Sending Troops to Ukraine, But Russia Wants Clarity on West’s Intentions

The sticking point remains whether the most forceful deterrent would be to sanction now or underscore the threat of future sanctions, which is the strategy adopted by Kirby and the White House.
NATO Rules Out Sending Troops to Ukraine, but Russia Wants Clarity on West's Intentions
AP- NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg leaves after speaking at a media conference at NATO headquarters, in Brussels, Belgium, Jan. 12, 2022.

Voice of America

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said Sunday the Western military alliance has no intention of sending troops to Ukraine if Russia invades its former Soviet republic, but Moscow said it wants more clarity on exactly what security measures NATO does plan to implement in eastern Europe.

“We have no plans to deploy NATO combat troops to Ukraine…we are focusing on providing support,” Stoltenberg told the BBC. “There is a difference between being a NATO member and being a strong and highly valued partner as Ukraine.”

NATO has ramped up its military presence in member countries bordering Russia in fear of an imminent Russian invasion of Ukraine with Moscow’s massing of more than 100,000 troops and weaponry along Ukraine’s eastern border.

In the United States, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby told the “Fox News Sunday” show that a Russian invasion “could happen, really, at any time.” Kirby said Russian President Vladimir Putin “continues to add troops” just across the border from Ukraine.

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