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U.S. Warns of ‘Long and Bloody’ Siege as 40 Mile-Long Russian Convoy Heads to Kyiv

Six people were injured, according to the mayor of the Kyiv suburb where an explosion hit

Kyiv has been rocked by huge explosions hours after the first round of ceasefire negotiations involving Ukrainian and Russian diplomats concluded.

Footage shows the explosion flashing orange against the night sky and illuminating plumes of thick smoke.

Things may only get worse in coming days.

US Senator Chris Murphy warned on Monday that Russian troops are preparing for a “long and bloody” siege of Kyiv, with the military seeking to cut off the capital from the rest of the country.

Ukraine’s Western allies fear that Vladimir Putin could cause huge numbers of civilian casualties after his troops failed to capture Kyiv. Elsewhere, Russian soldiers have been met by fierce resistance.

Russian troops have been accused of dropping cluster bombs on a pre-school in an attack that killed a child and two adults in the northeastern city of Okhtyrka. Amnesty International said the incident may constitute a war crime.

The International Criminal Court has announced it will investigate alleged Russian war crimes in Ukraine.

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