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Ukrainian Volunteer Forces Prepare to Fight Off Russian Invasion as U.S. Troops Deploy to Eastern Europe

More than 130,000 Ukrainian volunteers are on reserve to defend against a potential Russian invasion
Ukrainian volunteer forces prepare to fight off Russian invasion as US troops deploy to Eastern Europe
Evgeny Leshan (Fox News)

Fox News

They come from all walks of life — Ukrainian actors, plumbers or IT professionals — and from all political persuasions. But one thing unites them, and that’s the defense of their country from a Russian invasion.

Thousands gather on weekends to learn military tactics and skills, and Fox News connected with some who say they are prepared for whatever comes their way.

"I remember the Russian military (from its) regular artillery and mortar attacks, including on civilian infrastructure and civilian homes," said Evgeny Leshan, a 46-year-old investigative journalist originally from the Crimea region. 

Following Russia’s annexation of the Crimean Peninsula in 2014, armed Russian separatists — alleged by Western countries to be backed by Moscow with troops and weaponry, something Moscow denied — took over predominantly Russian-speaking areas of eastern Ukraine.  

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