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The Foreign Desk Editor-in-Chief Lisa Daftari on The Candace Owens Show talking about Iran

The Foreign Desk's Editor-in-Chief Lisa Daftari was a guest on The Candace Owens Show where she discussed the latest tensions between the United States and Iran as well as the state of the ongoing Iranian people's protests.

As the first guest in Owens' new studio at Prager University, Daftari drew upon her own background as an Iranian American growing up "cognizant of her many blessings and opportunities" as an American. She also talked about her many years' experience covering the Middle East and the significance of the killing of Qassem Soleimani.

"It's just a politicized point. No one cares about Soleimani; He was a butcher, a terrorist, an awful human being. But people are putting that up against the fact that they don't like the President. 'I don't like the President therefore I will side with a terrorist.' It makes no sense," she said.

Owens brought up the hypocrisy of pop culture influencers like American football quarterback Colin Kaepernick who have taken to social media to express their solidarity with leaders in the Middle East in criticizing President Trump's attack on Soleimani.

Following the announcement on the attack on Soleimani, Kaepernick tweeted, "There is nothing new about American terrorist attacks against Black and Brown people for the expansion of American imperialism."

Daftari referred to celebrities and athletes who side with America's enemies as "low information and high emotion."

"Go ask an Iranian what they think about the death of Soleimani; What they think of the mullahs; What they think about Islamic extremism," Daftari said.

"How did we get here?" That's the question Daftari said she often asks herself when dealing with current events such as Soleimani's death, which she calls a "non-partisan issue."

"It's crazy that Americans are not on the same page...We can't agree on everything, but there certainly are issues that can unite everyone," Daftari said, recalling the ambiance in a "post-9/11 America."

In her final "Voice message to the world," a two-minute look-into-the-camera last words to the audience, Daftari said," Knowledge is the number one tool in your tool box, and then use every other opportunity to share your passion with the world."

She concluded: "We are imploding. We are imploding because we've allowed our differences to create a division between both sides. And when it comes down to it, if suicide bombers come into any building, school or concert, they won't care if you voted for this president. They are going to want you dead. Let's remain vigilant. Let's remain united."

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