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NBA Mandates COVID Booster for Media, Personnel Nearest Players

A nationwide spike in COVID-19 cases has hit the NBA hard in December after only 17 positives in October and November combined. More than 115 positive tests were recorded in players in the first 21 days of the month.
NBA mandates COVID booster for media, personnel nearest players
May 6, 2021; Los Angeles, California, USA; COVID-19 health and hygiene protocols are displayed on the Staples Center during the NBA game between the LA Clippers and the Los Angeles Lakers. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports


Media and other in-person league personnel functioning in near proximity to teams and players on game day are under a new mandate from the NBA to receive the COVID-19 booster shot by Jan. 5.

In a memo to NBA executives and the league board of governors, senior vice president for player matters David Weiss outlined the updated protocol. It applies to all non-player personnel eligible to receive a third dose of the COVID-19 vaccine as outlined by the Centers for Disease Control.

The order covers “league staff and vendors who in their official capacities interact in person with any player” within 15 feet, including referees, league operations, player development, team and player marketing, communications and NBA photos.

Teams were informed to monitor the process and report issues directly to the league by Jan. 7.

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