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Twitter Begins a Global Test of a New Feature: A Downvote Button

The social media company said Thursday that it was still experimenting with downvotes as a way to give feedback on offensive or irrelevant tweets.
Twitter begins a global test of a new feature: a downvote button
Employees walk past a Twitter log as they leave the company’s headquarters in San Francisco, on Aug. 13, 2019.Glenn Chapman / AFP via Getty Images file

Twitter took a step Thursday toward adding a prominent new feature: a downvote button.

The social media company said it was expanding a test to a worldwide selection of people who use the app, after getting what it said was positive feedback from a limited experiment announced in July.

"We are still in the learning stage of this experiment and are looking to gain a better understanding of how Reply Downvoting could help us better surface the most relevant content for people on Twitter in the future," the company said in a statement.

A similar feature has been a part of competitor Reddit since its founding in 2005, while Facebook has tried downvotes but never moved forward.

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