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U.S. Orders Navy Warships to Stay in Mediterranean Sea Region Amid Russia-Ukraine Worries

Earlier this month, President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke on a video call to discuss the issues being raised by both sides, and Biden reportedly warned Putin that his country would face strong sanctions if they acted in a hostile manner toward Ukraine.
U.S. Orders Navy Warships to Stay in Mediterranean Sea Region Amid Russia-Ukraine Worries
Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has ordered a U.S. Navy aircraft carrier strike group including the Truman to stay in the Mediterranean Sea region rather than move on to the Middle East, amid worries about the buildup of thousands of Russian troops near the Ukraine border. RANDALL GREENWELL/THE VIRGINIAN-PILOT VIA AP FILE


Agroup of six Navy vessels was ordered to remain in the Mediterranean Sea instead of moving toward the Middle East to address continuing concerns about the buildup of thousands of troops at the border of Russia and Ukraine.

The decision to stall the USS Harry S. Truman and the five U.S. craft it is traveling with was made by Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, a defense official told The Associated Press on Tuesday.

The official said the decision was made because naval officials felt a “persistent presence” was needed in Europe to address fears of many in the intelligence and international community about Russia’s plans to invade Ukraine next year.

Russia is scheduled to begin separate negotiations with the United States and NATO officials early next year to discuss the country’s demands that NATO rejects the admission of Ukraine into NATO, and that the U.S. and its allies reduce the size of their military presence in Ukraine.

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