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Finland Makes Massive Shift Towards NATO, Majority now Support Joining

Support to join NATO jumped from 26% to 60% following Russia’s invasion.
Diplomatic Courier
Diplomatic Courier

Support in Finland to join NATO has doubled since just one year ago, with a majority now voicing support for the first time since polling started in 1984. 

Finnish Business and Policy Forum EVA has collected data twice each year for almost 40 years to track attitudes and values, which includes politics, economics, foreign relations, the environment and well-being. Chief among those interests remains whether Finland should join NATO. 

Results from Autumn 2021 found only 26% of the population supported joining NATO, but following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine that number has leapt to 60% support for NATO membership. The same percentage of Finns support taking a decision this year on the matter.

Historic support for joining NATO has remained low, with the previous peak in Autumn 1998 showing just 28% support. 

The study clearly cited Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as responsible for the shift in opinion. 

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